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15 January 2019

New project helps immigrants 'step' into nature

A Trees For Life project to introduce new immigrants to the Australian environment will officially be launched in Murray Bridge this month. 







7 January 2019

Clare group restores Neagles Rock vegetation

A group of enthusiastic Clare Valley residents has been working to protect and restore the native vegetation at Neagles Rock Reserve for the past eight years.







31 October 2018

Annual Report shares highlights

Download our Annual Report to read about the many programs and activities delivered by Trees For Life during 2017/18.







10 December 2018

Habitat Hero Lottery - coming soon

Meet 'Peter' the Western Pygmy Possum







8 August 2018

Securing the Future of Silver Daisy Bush

Securing the Future of Silver Daisy Bush (Olearia pannosa ssp. pannosa) is a Trees For Life project funded through the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Recovery Fund – started in January 2018.