Your Carbon Choices

Support our carbon plantings to offset your personal or business use.

Our carbon program was established to provide opportunities for those who want to help reverse deforestation and to take more responsibility for their personal impact on the environment. All Trees For Life carbon plantings aim to replicate local native forests and are not intended for any future clearance. We create dynamic, sustainable native forests which will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide multiple environmental benefits.

Explore the options below and purchase one of our TFL Carbon offset choices.

Trees For Carbon plantings

Trees For Carbon are planted locally and protected for 30 years. On average, 5 trees will absorb 1 tonne of carbon over their lifetime. 


Choose this option to offset your carbon emissions. Buy Trees For Carbon as an individual

Good to know:

  • Funds a native tree or shrub planted by direct seeding on private land
  • TFL Carbon keeps you up to date with progress reports
  • Receive a certificate detailing your contributions


Choose this option if you want to advertise that you are offsetting carbon. Buy Trees For Carbon as a business (GST applies)

Good to know:

  • Each site is actively managed to ensure projected sequestration is achieved
  • Receive a certificate detailing your contributions

Verified Carbon Units (VCUs)

If you require National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) products, you can buy VCUs to offset your carbon. One VCU offset equals 1 tonne of CO2. 
We will retire them on your behalf through the Markit Environmental Registry.  When selecting VCUs, we look for products that have a strong environmental and social benefit. Buy VCU offsets

Good to know:

  • VCUs can support your offset claims or assist in achieving carbon neutrality
  • VCUs are a robust, global standard and program designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Receive a certificate detailing your contributions

Progress reports

TFL Carbon plantings are funded through the generous contributions of supporters.  We monitor our sites regularly and provide updated site reports to our supporters.

TFL Carbon planting philosophy

All of our sites are sown using local provenance seed. We aim to replicate the basic species mix of the original plant cover of the land we are rehabilitating. In this way, we can achieve multiple environmental benefits including increased biodiverse habitat and improved water and soil quality. Our carbon plantings are independently audited on a regular basis.

For more information, contact us or call 08 8406 0500