Landholders choose to plant habitat for our native animals

Media Release
22 June 2020

South Australian landholders are helping to create homes for local wildlife by choosing to plant native species to provide food, shelter and opportunities to breed says local environmental organisation Trees For Life.

Over the last 40 years, Trees For Life has helped landholders put native plants back into South Australian landscapes through their Tree Scheme program. The not-for-profit organisation has carefully monitored the principal motivation for people choosing to revegetate their properties with native plant species. While improving farm productivity is significant, over the past five years the number one reason has been to create habitat for local native animals.

“South Australian landholders understand the vital role they play in looking after the landscapes in which they live and work as well as caring for their local wildlife,” Revegetation Services Manager Vicki-Jo Russell said. “Our native animals need help now more than ever and it’s wonderful to see so many people choosing to plant for habitat restoration.”

“It’s delightful to hear them talk about the wildlife they’re helping and the sense of personal reward. It’s so easy to take individual action and even more effective if neighbours or groups of landholders work together,” Vicki-Jo said.

The Tree Scheme offers around 200 habitat plants from across the state. Landholders can pick out their own species or ask Trees For Life to select on their behalf.

Seed Bank Manager Daniel May says a mix of native species often leads to the best wildlife habitat.

“It’s good to create patches with a range of tall gums to provide places to nest and roost, heavy flowering shrubs such as tea-trees and bottle-brushes to provide food for various birds like lorikeets, honeyeaters and insects including native bees, and hardy shrubs like wattles to provide cover for small mammals and birds to rest and hide,” Daniel said.

“It’s useful to look at existing native plants growing around your planting site to get an idea of what species can grow there and gradually introduce more habitat plants over time,” he said. “When you establish a diverse habitat patch, it’s amazing to see it come to life.”

Landholders can also integrate habitat plantings in their farm planning to deliver a range of productivity benefits including stock protection, erosion control and pollination services.

Trees For Life’s Tree Scheme program allows landholders and community groups to restore native bushland and farmland with the help of volunteer growers or by growing their own seedlings.

This year there are several discounts on offer:

  • Landholders affected by the 2019/20 fires can receive a 50% discount* for seedlings and tree guards and stakes thanks to the generous support of Viterra.
  • Schools and small community groups can get a 50% discount* when ordering native seedlings through our Tree Scheme.
  • Landholders with an ElectraNet easement can also access a discount offer.

You can order native seedlings through the Tree Scheme until 31 August 2020.

For more information or advice please phone Trees For Life on 08 8406 0500 or email [email protected].

Species lists for different South Australian regions can be downloaded here.

*Conditions apply. Contact Trees For Life for more information.


For more information on the Tree Scheme contact:

Chief Executive, Trees For Life
Natasha Davis 08 8406 0500, 0419 807 437 or [email protected]


Revegetation Services Manager, Trees For Life
Vicki-Jo Russell on 08 8406 0500, 0499 400 545 or [email protected]