Tree Scheme – creating habitat together

It’s now time to order your native seedlings with Trees For Life.

The Tree Scheme program helps people grow and plant native seedlings to create habitat for our wildlife, farms, homes and communities. You can choose to grow your own seedlings, or have one of our passionate volunteers grow for you. Expert staff can help you select the right native species and provide all the help and information you need for your planting project.

For over 40 years, the Tree Scheme has worked side by side with land carers to create habitats that are full of life and possibilities.

“The Tree Scheme aims to make creating habitat as easy as possible by providing a wide range of suitable low-cost native seedlings along with advice about which species to plant,” explains Vicki-Jo Russell, Trees For Life Revegetation Services Manager. “We can provide advice before you place your order or you can take out all the guesswork and ask us to select the species for you. We also provide tips to increase the success of your planting.”

If you’ve been thinking about restoring habitat on the land you love, getting in touch is the first step. The Tree Scheme is a great way to get started and to build on your efforts over time, and there is no better time to make it happen.

“Often the most successful revegetation projects are by landholders that steadily work over many years. They start off with a small order and learn and grow… putting together the jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece each year and adjusting their orders to the outcome they want, the season and personal circumstance,” says Vicki-Jo. “If you’re placing an order for the first time, we definitely recommend this approach so you can build on your success long term and really enjoy the rewards.”

The Tree Scheme currently offers over 200 species from 42 vegetation zones across South Australia. Whether you have a vision in mind — or just want to get started — Trees For Life can help.

In 2024, there are several discounts on offer:

  • Landholders affected by the 2023 floods can receive a 50% discount* for seedlings, tree guards and stakes with support from the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board through funding from the landscape levies. A list of eligible postcodes can be found below.
  • Landholders with ElectraNet assets on their properties can receive a 50% discount* for seedlings, tree guards and stakes.
  • Schools and small community groups can get a 50% discount* when ordering native seedlings. Order your seedlings now and they’ll be ready to plant in winter 2025.

Tree Scheme orders are open until 31 August 2024. You’ll find more information here, including Frequently Asked Questions and order forms with a species list for your area. You can also contact us on 08 8406 0500 or email [email protected]. Tree Scheme orders are open now.

*Conditions apply and discount doesn’t apply to membership.

Eligible postcodes for the 2023 flood discount include: 5214, 5238, 5253, 5254, 5255, 5256, 5259, 5260, 5264, 5320, 5321, 5322, 5330, 5331, 5332, 5333, 5340, 5341, 5342, 5343, 5344, 5345, 5346, 5353, 5354, 5357.