Our Projects

We're involved with a number projects across the state that improve the health and extent of South Australia’s natural landscapes. We achieve this by connecting communities with nature, working with businesses and landholders while establishing new habitats.

Communities Helping Cockies

Help protect our endangered South-eastern Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo through revegetation efforts.  

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Paddock Tree Projects

Our two Paddock Tree projects work towards restabilising critical environments.  

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Trees For Habitat

Through your business you can create habitat across fragmented landscapes.  

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Regenerate has been built upon a foundation of support for those who have or are experiencing mental health issues. Regenerate provides a safe and welcoming space among established Bush For Life sites. Nature has a healing quality, it allows us to reconnect with the environment and detach ourselves from the business of everyday life. Regenerate offers a variety of nature orientated activities that promote a culture of wellness. Regenerate brings those attributes to the forefront by engaging participants in activities that encourages confidence building, social interaction, goal setting, and teamwork. To find out more click here.

Revitalising Private Conservation in South Australia

Trees For Life is part of a coalition of conservation and farming groups delivering an exciting new Heritage Agreement Program – Revitalising Private Conservation in South Australia. As part of the program, we’re providing existing and aspiring Heritage Agreement owners with the opportunity to access advice and grants to plan and undertake nature conservation works on their properties. The aim is to expand the quantity, extent and quality of protected areas of native vegetation on private land in South Australia. To find out more and apply for grants click here.

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Banner image by Neil Edwards.