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Help shape the future of our natural world.

Much like us, nature must stay connected to thrive. Without vital links in the landscape our precious native plants and animals struggle to survive.

Our native wildlife seek the same security we do. They need homes, food and water, clean air and protection for their young. Their ability to move and interact freely across our landscapes is vital.

Right now, the fragmentation of our landscapes is threatening their survival.

We need to provide a safe passage for our wildlife communities by reconnecting our landscapes.

It is vital that we restore and protect what has been lost through widespread clearance.

With your support we hope to change the course of native fauna decline across South Australia.

We all hold the power to shape their future.

Donate today to our Direct Seeding program so we can restore these natural connections and create wildlife corridors.

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How your support can help

The Direct Seeding program is helping provide safe passage for the endangered Malleefowl and threatened wildlife communities such as the Diamond Firetail, Elegant Parrot, Purple-Gaped Honeyeater and Short-beaked Echidna.

Trained volunteers and staff help collect the bulk of 250 kilograms of seed during the summer and autumn months of each year. Seed which is then dried out in hothouses, cleaned with specifically designed seed cleaning machinery and finally hand sieved.

They can seed up to 50 kilometres of rows a day per person, sowing 250 kilograms of seed using custom made machinery. Often the sites are remote from towns requiring multi-week stays.

Preparations are underway for planting for this season and we need support for the months of hard work ahead.

You can help shape the future of our natural world

Since 2001, our Direct Seeding program has successfully restored 4,650 hectares of degraded landscapes.

But there is so much more to be done to provide sanctuary for our precious wildlife.

A $35 donation can plant 10 trees to create habitat.


Please donate today and help our native animals stay connected and protected.