Order native seedlings

Improve productivity and habitat on your property, or get plants for your school or community revegetation project.

We take orders from May-August for seedlings ready to plant out the following year. The cost of these highly affordable, resilient seedlings covers all seeds, materials and support from our dedicated Tree Scheme staff to assist with species selection, growing and planting advice.

Option 1: Grow your own seedlings

If you opt to grow your own seedlings, we provide all the soil, seed, materials and instructions to successfully grow seedlings at home.

You can order:
  • Seedlings native to your region
  • Large selection of indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses
  • Full or half boxes of the same species. Each box holds about 50 seedlings
  • Bundles of 100 tree guards and stakes

Materials are available for collection in November from a depot near you. For more details, download our ordering brochure.

Option 2: Request your own volunteer grower

Tree Scheme volunteer growers can grow seedlings for you in their own backyard. If you are a rural landholder or involved in a community group, this could be the ideal way to access lots of plants to create native habitat and restore the land you love.

Your role as a landholder:
  • Maintain contact with your volunteer throughout the growing season from November-May
  • Ensure you collect the plants from a venue convenient to your volunteer, for example their home (usually in the Adelaide region)
  • Show appreciation for your volunteer’s time and effort (typically six months)

Some Tree Scheme volunteers are happy to further contribute to your project by helping plant the seedlings they grew. If they agree and you intend to host a planting day, it’s important to plan ahead and provide ample tools, equipment and refreshments. 


More growing and planting resources

For more information on growing seedlings, our Resources section has a range of materials to help you get started or troubleshoot any issues. If your revegetation project involves special plantings to reduce salinity on your block or create windbreaks, our Special Purpose Planting Booklet helps you with detailed diagrams and advice. Our Planting Guide provides advice on site preparation, planting seedlings and aftercare.

Tree Scheme staff provide training in native seed collection and propagation at specific times of the year. For more information regarding this training and other workshops please get in touch.


Ordering seedlings FAQs

What species should I choose?

Our order forms provide a list of species local to your area, and indicate their size, shape and suitability to different soil types or weather conditions. We can also help you make the right decision for planting in your area. If you’re unsure what to choose, you can ask us to select your species on the order form or call the Tree Scheme on 08 8406 0500 or email us to request assistance.

Do you have tree guards and stakes available for sale?

We stock hardwood stakes and 450mm corflute guards – the most durable and effective protection from kangaroos and rabbits. They are also excellent for re-use in subsequent plantings and can last up to three years in the field. We sell them in bundles of 100 stakes and guards which are available for pick up from our Westwood Nursery (April-September). Bundles can be ordered through the Tree Scheme order form or by contacting us on 08 8406 0500 - please call us to check stock availability and to nominate a collection time.

Is there a special tree for stock feed?

There are a number of local indigenous plants suitable for stock feed. Your order form lists various uses for each species. Look for plants suitable for ‘fodder’ to find which species are available for your area.

Nothing grows – do I have a salt problem?

Planting near the source of salt on your land can lower the water table and help reduce the problem. Your order form lists various uses for each species. Look for plants listed as ‘salt tolerant’ to find species suitable for saline areas. Landcare groups and your local Natural Resource Management office may also be able to provide further advice. 

Why can’t I order natives like Platypus Gums or Lemon-scented Gums?

The Tree Scheme only offers species that are indigenous to your local area. Some native species, while attractive, are not suitable to plant in South Australia. They may be prone to falling over (like Platypus Gums) or grow a little too well and become environmental threats to local biodiversity (like Cootamundra Wattle).

If I request a volunteer grower, will they be local?

We will always try to match your order with a local grower, however we may need to match you with a grower further away particularly if you are regional as we often have more regional orders than growers. We will keep you informed regarding long distance allocations we make but if you’re unable to accommodate travel please contact us to discuss your options. Approaching family, friends or community members who are local and could grow for you is a great way to ensure your seedlings are grown locally while managing the workload.

Can I just order the growing materials and use my own seed?

Seed collected from remnant bush on or near your land is the most suitable for your property. If you are growing your own, you can order ‘materials only’ and the Tree Scheme will supply all the growing materials you need to raise the seed yourself. The cost of placing an order for ‘materials only’ is the same. Please note a permit or landholder permission is required to collect seed from any location other than your own property.

If I’m growing my own order, where do I collect my growing materials?

Your growing materials will be available at a depot near you. We have depots across South Australia, however some landholders may need to travel further than others depending on your location. You’ll be notified of your depot location in the weeks prior to material collection date. If you’re unable to travel to collect your materials, please contact us to discuss your options.

I am revegetating under a Native Vegetation Clearance (NVC) order

The Tree Scheme can provide you with materials, soil, tubes, fertiliser and gravel, but sometimes you will need to collect your own seed and grow your own seedlings. This is because we cannot guarantee that the seed we provide is local enough to satisfy the NVC order. Please check what is required when you order.

I live just over the Victorian border. Can I still order seedlings?

Yes, you can order seedlings. Our vegetation zones extend a little way over the border because the soil and species types in the area are similar to the adjacent region in South Australia.

Contact us or call 08 8406 0500 to find out more about ordering your native seedlings