There's no place like home

It’s a precious gift of nature given freely to us all
Our native plants and animals are in serious trouble and need our help to survive.



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Coming home is a feeling - a return to times we have spent in nature, that sense of wonder, of belonging to the beauty that surrounds us. Some get to experience this more often than others.

Yet, it benefits us all when we do spend time in these places and pause to reflect on how fortunate we are to be given these precious gifts of nature. We cannot afford to take it for granted. 

Now our actions are more important than ever.

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From collecting and sowing seed, growing native plants, planting and direct seeding, to clearing invasive threats, all our activities are focussed on improving our home so it survives now and into the future.

From home to home and heart to heart; we can choose to give back.

A Gift of $35 can plant 10 trees for habitat.

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Our story is one of hope for the future; that our dream of a healthy home where we can all thrive and live together can become a reality. 

Give the ultimate gift to our native plants and animals today.

There is an urgent need for us to restore habitat and adapt to the effects of climate change.

This land we know and love is changing. Reports* are telling us that our native plants and animals are in serious trouble. They warn us that many of our native species and communities face extinction. The impacts of habitat change, invasive species, pollution, overexploitation and climate change are putting them under increasing pressure. Many bird species are declining at an alarming rate, with South Australia having the highest risk of extinction of almost anywhere in the country.

Your donation can help protect and restore our home.

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*State of the Environment Report 2018 – Summary, Environment Protection Authority, South Australia, 2018.