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Start From Seed Kit
A Start From Seed Kit is a complete set of materials to grow 50 native seedlings from seed.

Start From Seed Kits are available to individuals, groups and schools throughout the year, with seed selected based on where in South Australia you intend to plant. The seedlings you raise are then yours to plant out in your local area, give away or sell for fundraising purposes. We offer a variety of species including butterfly attracting plants. You can grow up to two different species per kit.

A Start From Seed Kit contains:
- 1 box of soil
- 1 packet of fertiliser
- 1 packet of gravel mulch
- 50 hard plastic plant tubes
- 1 packet or 2 half packets of indigenous seed (or supply your own)
- 2 plastic plant labels
- 1 pencil to write on plant labels
- 1 Growers' Handbook - A step by step guide to growing native seedlings
- 2 dust masks

Kits must be collected from the Trees For Life nursery in Brooklyn Park, SA. Please allow 5 business days for supply.

Please note: the majority of species available for kits are summer sown (Dec - Feb) with some species available for autumn and winter sowing. If you have any questions regarding your preferred species, please contact us before making your purchase.
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