Trees For Life was established in 1981 and remains a vibrant community organisation of 7,000 active supporters. Trees For Life delivers conservation, revegetation, community engagement and training programs and services.

Trees For Life restores and protects South Australian landscapes, raises awareness about nature and empowers people to take action.

Our aim is for all South Australians to value native plants and animals and be actively involved in protecting the land we love, for current and future generations.

Our values
  • Nature – valuing nature in our landscapes and appreciating that healthy ecosystems are fundamental for life
  • Community – engaging South Australians from all walks of life to take action to protect the land we love
  • Collaboration – working constructively with others to get better results
  • Knowledge – decisions and actions underpinned by evidence and practical experience
  • Inspiration – providing a positive vision and stories to inspire action
  • Resilience – embracing renewal and adaptation to ensure TFL remains relevant and effective to safeguard South Australia’s future landscapes

Our goals
  • Improve the health and extent of South Australia’s natural landscapes
  • Involve more people in nature restoration and TFL
  • Ensure TFL is a productive and resilient organisation
  • Demonstrate our impact

Download our Strategic Plan and Annual Report on our Resources page.