Trees For Life offers a range of training opportunities designed to help our volunteers get the most from their time with us.  We can also run tailored training workshops for professionals. Please contact us to discuss.



Workshop Dates


Bush Regeneration Workshops

Bushcare Workshop

This one-day workshop comprises a classroom session and a field trip, and is the first step for those wanting to volunteer with the Bush For Life program. Why not ask a friend to come to the workshop with you?

Prerequisite: Trees For Life membership
Format: 9.30am – 4.30pm classroom session + field trip

Course content:

  • the diversity of our native vegetation & basic ecology
  • bush regeneration principles, strategies and methods for improving bushland health
  • minimum disturbance bush regeneration techniques
  • working safely in the bush

Broadleaf and Bulb Weed Control in Grassy Ecosystems

Learn the specialist skills necessary to manage grassy ecosystems which are particularly prone to invasion by exotic broadleaf and bulb weeds.

Prerequisite: Bushcare Workshop, priority given to active volunteers
Format: 9.30am – 1.00pm classroom + practical exercises outside

Course Content:

  • Ecology of grassy understorey including common native and exotic species
  • Main broadleaf and bulb weeds in grassy ecosystems
  • Specialist chemical techniques for controlling broadleaf and bulb weeds, including bridal creeper.

Brushcutter Use and Maintenance

This workshop is designed to train volunteers in the use, maintenance and safe operation of mechanical brushcutters. This is a hands-on workshop, aimed at providing participants with the confidence to use a brushcutter in bushland settings. 

Prerequisite: Bushcare Workshop, priority given to active volunteers
Format: 9.00am – 5.00pm classroom + hands on field component

Course Content:

  • Why brushcut in bushland?
  • How to safely operate a brushcutter
  • Components and maintenance of the brushcutter

Introduction to Plant Identification

Bushcarers often want to increase their knowledge of indigenous plants and weeds, including being able use field guides and keys. This workshop is the first step towards being able to identify plants. 

Prerequisite: Trees For Life membership, priority given to active volunteers 
Format: 9.30am – 4.00pm classroom session

Course Content:

  • Introduction to general botany and floral anatomy
  • Characteristics of the major plant families
  • How to use botanical and other plant identification books
  • How to use a herbarium to develop your knowledge
  • Practical plant identification of common species

Seed Collection Workshops

Seed collection is carried out by individuals and groups of volunteers throughout the year. We run regular group seed collection workshops and are always seeking interest from new volunteers.

To become a seed bank volunteer, you need to attend both workshops as outlined below. Attendance at seed collection workshops is free for Trees For Life members.

Introduction to Seed Collection

Many volunteers are interested in seed collection but don’t know where to start. This workshop provides a practical introduction to collecting seed from common native plants. It takes you through the basics of collecting, drying and processing a range of different types of seed, shows you which tools to use, where to collect from, and outlines when permits are required.

Prerequisite: Trees For Life membership
Format: 9.30am – 11.30am practical collection session

Course content:                               

  • Ecological considerations (use of local seed, etc.)
  • Collection and extraction
  • Ethical practices
  • Permits
Advanced Seed Collection

This workshop is aimed at those intending to have an ongoing role as a volunteer seed collector with Trees For Life and/or to collect for their community group. It covers plant identification, seed cleaning, record keeping, collecting for Trees For Life and our permit process in depth. The workshop also covers workplace health and safety (WHS) for seed collection volunteers.

Prerequisite: Trees For Life membership, Introduction to Seed Collection workshop
Format: 9.30am – 3.30pm classroom session + practical collection session

Course content:                               

  • Planning for seed collection
  • Basic plant identification
  • Collecting for Trees For Life
  • Workplace health and safety (WHS) for seed collection volunteers

Grower Workshops

Grower Workshops are free for registered Trees For Life growers and cover the steps critical to successfully growing native seedlings. These sessions are offered in October and November each year in preparation for the commencement of the growing season in late November. Proudly supported by SA Power Networks.

Prerequisite: Registered grower
Format: 2 hours classroom session + practical exercises

Course Content:

  • Tube filling technique
  • Seed specification and sowing
  • Thinning and transplanting
  • Watering regime


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