Commercial Partner Statement

Trees For Life engage in sponsorship, and other forms of partnership, with commercial entities that deliver mutual benefit.

In deciding whether to accept sponsorship, or enter into a partnership arrangement, TFL will take into consideration: ­

  • Whether the commercial organisation demonstrates values that are consistent with TFL values and/or can assist TFL to deliver our mission/vision.
  • TFL’s potential to positively influence the practices of the commercial entity in with respect to environmental or community values.
  • Opportunities for the prospective sponsor to positively influence the practices or culture of TFL.

Partnership arrangements will be fully documented by means of a contractual agreement or exchange of correspondence.

Unless otherwise negotiated, no corporate partnership will contain an exclusivity arrangement.

Sponsorship funds may be directed to a specific program area, to a specific project or to Trees For Life in general.

All financial reporting of cash or in-kind contributions will reflect current accounting standards.