TFL Works       

TFL Works is the professional environmental services unit of Trees For Life. We manage extensive conservation and revegetation projects across South Australia.

Our fully qualified staff are trained in bush regeneration and can assist and advise on sustainable management of your natural resources. TFL Works operates with local councils, state government departments and on private contracts.  We plan and implement long term conservation strategies and provide environmental services including bushland management, woody weed control, coastal restoration and fuel reduction control.

Why choose TFL Works?

TFL Works was established in 2010. In this time, we have developed a strong reputation for knowledgeable, qualified staff and high-quality work that’s excellent value for money.

TFL Works values and promotes biodiversity and uses minimal-disturbance bush regeneration techniques. While our contract prices are comparable to others in the environmental services industry, any profits are used to support other areas of Trees For Life.

Key TFL Works environmental services

Bushland management

We manage your bushland to restore biodiversity. Our qualified team use minimal disturbance techniques to regenerate native plants and improve your site’s existing biodiversity. We can offer mapping and site strategy preparation to ensure the best longterm approach and schedule all works according to seasonal needs.

Roadside native vegetation management

Our professional on-ground works preserve native vegetation along roadsides. Our team works in a safe and efficient manner and is fully licensed for Work Zone Traffic Management. Services include: program establishment, on-ground bush regeneration, data recording and reporting of Roadside Marker Systems.

Fuel reduction control

We provide sensitive biomass reduction by brushcutting feral grasses and herbaceous and woody weeds, especially near existing dwellings. We help reduce the fuel load while minimising the impact on the existing vegetation. All works are compliant with the Native Vegetation Act.

Coastal sites

TFL Works supports volunteers on a number of high-profile coastal sites by helping with weed control and revegetation.
Our other TFL Works environmental services include:

  • Revegetation and bushland buffering
  • Woody weed control
  • Preparing native vegetation management plans
  • Supply of local provenance tubestock
  • Bulk seed collection/direct seeding
  • Professional workshops
  • Licensed help with community bushcare and revegetation projects


Contact TFL Works for professional environmental services

For information, quotes or advice, call 08 8406 0500 or contact us.