Continue your story by leaving a gift in your Will

Our story can’t exist without yours. The story of Trees For Life lives on through you, our supporters, the people who share our love and appreciation for the state we call home. The people who stand beside us to protect it.

A gift to Trees For Life is an investment in the future of our iconic South Australian environment. Your support means we can grow more native seedlings, collect more seed for propagation and protect more of our incredible South Australian creatures and landscapes.

“I am so happy knowing that after I’m gone, my gift will help Trees For Life to continue to restore and protect our beautiful landscapes.” – Sharon Murtagh, Trees For Life Gold Member


Your choice

Your family and loved ones come first. Once you’ve looked after those closest to you, there are a number of different ways you can support our work with a gift in your Will.

Percentage of your estate

You can leave a percentage of your estate so that no matter the value of your estate, the percentage share of your gift to us remains the same.

Whole or part of your estate

You can leave your whole estate to Trees For Life.

A residuary gift

You can leave a portion or the entirety of what remains of your estate once certain gifts and debts are fulfilled, so that once you’ve taken care of loved ones, your gift to us is taken from what remains.

A specific gift

You can leave us a specific gift of a sum of money or an item (for example a property, shares or personal possessions). This type of gift does not keep up with inflation.

Continue your story with a gift in your Will to Trees For Life. For more information contact us or download the brochure.