Our Board & Staff

Trees For Life is an incorporated association and is run by a Board of Management which meets 10 times a year. The Board is elected by members at our AGM and all Board members work for the organisation in a voluntary capacity.

Our 2017-2018 Board members are:

Jeanette Gellard


“I love inspiring people to make a positive contribution through TFL and helping them experience significant health and wellbeing benefits at the same time.”

Jeanette brings experience in rural and natural resource management to the TFL Board including a number of years as General Manager with the Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board.  Jeanette was a recipient of the Centenary Medal in 2003 for her contribution to the rural sector, and in 2001 was awarded the Rural Industry Research & Development Corporation’s (RIRDC) South Australian Rural Women’s Award.

After joining TFL as a member in 2017, Jeanette has served as Vice President, and is now President. She lives on Kangaroo Island and travels regularly to Adelaide for Innovative Influences, her engagement, coaching and strategy business.


Morgan Muirhead

Vice President

“I am able to provide guidance to TFL in relation to its various legal obligations, as well as raise awareness about the positive steps that TFL is taking to combat climate change and protect our native Australian flora and fauna.”

Morgan is a corporate and commercial lawyer with a keen interest in conservation and the environment.  Currently working on her post-graduate studies, Morgan  also worked for the South Australian branch of the Environmental Defender’s Office whilst completing her bachelor degrees in Law and Arts.


Janine Mildren


“My interest in revegetating Australian native bushland was instilled by my father, who had an amazing connection with and respect for the land we share.”

As Treasurer of TFL, Janine shares her significant experience in finance, IT and procurement to help us achieve our full potential within the challenge of limited resources.  She has over 16 years’ experience in the accounting industry across public practice, heavy engineering, shared service, not-for-profit and defence. Janine holds a degree in Commerce and is a qualified CPA.


Sarah van Maarseveen


“I believe that as a Board member, I can contribute to TFL’s ability to do more good work in strengthening its environmental impact and creating tangible value for our community.”

Sarah is passionate about making a positive impact for the environment. Her role in sustainable design and management in a creative sustainability consultancy brings considerable business insight to the TFL Board.


Anita Crisp


“After many years utilising TFL services to revegetate our property, it is great to be able to give something back to this fabulous organisation.”

Anita has served on a number of community and government committees and Boards and has experience working in a range of fields, including local government, natural resources management, climate change, education and regional economic development. Anita has a degree in natural resource management, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and holds an MBA from the University of South Australia.


Andrew Dolley


“My affection for the environment stems from an enthusiasm for camping and a passion for nature and landscape photography. I have a particular interest in connecting our urban lifestyles and infrastructure with the natural environment.”

Andrew has over 10 years’ experience in the finance sector, including commercial banking and relationship management roles in manufacturing, construction, health care, retail, professional services and commercial property. He also has practical experience in operations management, business process review and change management.


Ngaire Henderson


"Community organisations like TFL allow us all the opportunity to make the world a better place."

Ngaire is a marketing and fundraising professional with more than 20 years’ experience working with non-profit organisations. She has extensive experience in many fundraising approaches, as well as skills in leadership, business and strategic planning.  Ngaire’s work experience covers global overseas aid, state health and state animal welfare and environment.  She is currently working as the Fundraising Manager for the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Foundation.


Dr Stuart Collard


"As a TFL Board member, I aim to contribute my knowledge of ecological restoration practices and lift the profile of environmental issues in SA"

Stuart has worked in technical and senior management roles for government and non-government organisations across the environment and agriculture sectors for more than 15 years. He has strong interests in conservation, landscape restoration and ornithology, with experience and knowledge of the land sector carbon and environmental markets in South Australia.  Stuart is currently a Research Fellow at The University of Adelaide’s Centre for Global Food and Resources.


Dr John Virtue


“I have had the pleasure of interacting with many Bush for Life staff and volunteers over the last 20 years. TFL is a highly professional and widely respected organisation and I look forward to helping it sustainably grow.”

John has been working in the South Australian government for 23 years in biosecurity, initially as the state’s weed ecologist and now in a manager role covering all invasive species and broader biosecurity policy. He has worked with various industry, government and community organisations on biosecurity matters at state and national levels.  John has been an active Bush For Life volunteer for 20 years with a grassy woodland site in Blackwood. He also has a passionate interest in native plants, as an avid gardener, nature lover and conservationist.

Our Management Team are:

Natasha Davis


“Over nearly four decades, Trees For Life has meant so much to so many South Australians. In this time we have made a lasting impact on our landscapes by getting people involved in practical ways. I want to make sure TFL continues to deliver practical, relevant projects and services and stays connected with people in both urban and regional areas.”

As Trees For Life CEO, Natasha helps turn the environmental ‘big picture’ into action. She takes a hands-on approach to her role across strategic issues, finance and organisational management; building partnerships with individuals and groups to create change. Natasha is deeply committed to continuing the tradition of TFL as a ‘family’: a great place to work, work with, or volunteer in.

Natasha’s lifelong interest in environmental issues, bushwalking and exploring the landscapes of Australia led her to start her TFL journey as a volunteer grower. She has worked as Director of a sustainability business and managed community engagement programs in water and biodiversity issues. Natasha holds a Masters of Environmental Management (Flinders University), a Graduate Diploma in East Asian Studies (Australian National University) and a Bachelor of Economics (University of Adelaide).    

Contact Natasha
08 8406 0500


Vicki-Jo Russell

Revegetation Services Manager
Tree Scheme, Westwood Nursery and Seedbank

“I want to further the wellbeing of both people and nature. The best way to do that is a lifetime spent looking after nature and connecting people to it, creating outcomes where both benefit.”

Vicki-Jo has worked in strategic and advisory roles for non-government-organisations (NGOs) including WWF-Australia, Conservation SA and Zoos SA. She brings to TFL skills in team management, partnership development, strategic foresight and program management, and a strong commitment to volunteer support and customer service.

Vicki-Jo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences with a double major in Biology and Psychology (Flinders University) and a Bachelor of Applied Science, Conservation and Park Management (University of South Australia). Vicki-Jo was awarded the AM for her work in threatened species conservation.

Contact Vicki-Jo
08 8406 0532 or 0499 400 545


Amelia Hurren

Bush For Life Manager

“My passion is connecting people to the natural world. I think once they’re hooked there’s no turning back! I am especially focused on bringing up my kids to be environmental custodians.”

Growing up in the Adelaide Hills, Amelia’s family modelled a love of gardens and nature from an early age. This keen interest in the living world led her to environmental roles with state governments and then to the NGO sector.  In 2007, she joined Bush For Life as a volunteer. Today Amelia manages the Bush For Life program.

Amelia brings over 20 years’ experience in environmental management, policy and in-field activities. Her skills include threatened species recovery planning, facilitation and strategic planning, bush regeneration and project management. She holds a Bachelor of Science (University of Adelaide) and a Graduate Diploma of Environmental Studies (Macquarie University).

Contact Amelia
0499 700 818


Dennis Hayles

TFL Carbon Manager

“The most rewarding part of my job is hearing stories from landholders about the positive changes they see from revegetating their properties.”

Coming from a farming background, Dennis recognised early the value of vegetation on the land. His first role at TFL was in 2002, on the Monarto Zoological Park Revegetation Project.  His skills in mechanics, farming and training now help him effect change across our landscape.

As Manager of the TFL Carbon program, Dennis works with landholders to help carry out broadscale land rehabilitation through direct seeding.

Contact Dennis
08 8406 0500 or 0429 142 499


David Hein

Direct Seeding Manager

“Our work in revegetating large areas with local native species is so rewarding. We’re now seeing the positive landscape changes from the revegetation work on our older sites.”

David brings over 40 years’ experience in revegetation to his role as Direct Seeding Manager.  He worked in land and environmental management for the State Government and for private enterprise until 2001 when he took up the challenge to found the Direct Seeding Program at TFL. David holds a Certificate in Land Management and a Pest Management Technicians Licence.

Contact David
0429 310 263


Julie Holloway

Office Manager

“I love encouraging people to find new answers to old problems … like how to reduce waste and how to improve our services and, of course, how to make a few resources go a long, long way.”

Julie has lived and worked in Australia, Europe and Africa, in jobs as diverse as managing a call centre in London to pumping petrol in Nundroo. Joining TFL in 2015, Julie leads a team of six staff responsible for administration, finance, ICT, membership services and reception. Her team also plays a key role in volunteer administration.

Julie’s expertise includes HR and WHS, developing administration management systems, and policy development. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (University of Adelaide) and a Diploma of Business – HRM (TAFE).

Contact Julie
08 8406 0514