Side by Side

When Trees For Life began, we were responding to the effects of extensive land clearing and the subsequent threat to our native plants and animals.

Forty years on and we’re facing threats posed by climate change and in particular, by bushfires. Once again, we are being called upon to respond and adapt to the changes before us.

It is this expertise that is now being called upon to provide Bushfire Recovery support whilst continuing to protect and restore the land.

Over the past 2 years there have been 13 bushfires across our state; including in Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, Adelaide Hills, the South East and Kangaroo Island.

Your support helps build our capacity to respond to bushfires now and in the future.

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Recovery is a long process, requiring regular assessment of the areas affected and the actions that need to be taken at each stage.

Whilst it will take years for our communities to recover from the effects of bushfires, with your help, we can continue to work alongside each other to provide what is needed to look after the land.

It will take many hands, resources, and time to undertake this vital work - we MUST do it.

With your help we CAN do it.

From growing plants to create habitat for our vulnerable wildlife, to delivering give-away seedlings to rural areas, providing volunteer help with replanting, holding Bushcare Recovery workshops; we are here to respond and support those affected by bushfires.

Your actions will have an impact on our future.

Every donation of $35 can help create habitat post-bushfire.