Season of Seed

Help safeguard our South Australian Native trees and plants.

We rely on seeds for life.
Without them we cannot grow, we cannot protect and we cannot restore.

Every tiny seed holds the hope for generations to come.

The Trees For Life Seed Bank is our insurance policy for the future, storing a unique collection of local provenance seed - with over 435 native species gathered from 42 different zones across the state. 

It’s time to gather up our precious seed

The past three years of sustained rainfall has encouraged our trees and plants to respond by setting seed. We now have a small but critical window of opportunity to take advantage of this season of abundance. It’s going to be an immense job requiring a specialised team. When times are good we need to act so we can respond when times are hard.

Your donation will help fund seed expeditions across regional South Australia.


Donate now

Over the next few months from December to February we will be concentrating our efforts to maximise seed gathering which will be processed and stored in the Trees For Life Seed Bank.

We have expeditions planned across South Australia — from Bordertown to Naracoorte in the South East, Stansbury to Marion Bay on Yorke Peninsula, and Balaklava to Jamestown in the Mid North. The team will collect native species including banksia (Banksia marginata and Banksia ornata), buloke (Allocasuarina luehmannii), hakea, senna, dodonaea, acacia and many grass species. Another species on the list is Cocky’s tongue (Templetonia retusa), which is having a particularly good year of flowering.

We need your help to make the most of this extraordinary 'Season of Seed'.

Who knows if we will ever see conditions this favourable again?

A $35 donation can collect 1 bag of precious seed.

This is your chance to safeguard our South Australian trees and plants.