Bring Trees To Life

With your support our Nursery can grow thousands of seedlings. And bring life back to our land.

Now, more than ever, as we face the effects of climate change, bushfires and drought, we need to grow and plant to restore what we have lost and bring hope for our future.

Our ability to grow native plants that will build resilience and diversity is vital.

What can be done?

Life begins at our Betty Westwood Nursery which was first established almost twenty years ago and is as important today.

Each year our nursery grows 100,000 seedlings from 200 different native species. Seeds are sourced from 42 different provenance regions across South Australia.

Under the expert eye of our Nursery Manager Flora and her team of trained staff and volunteers, seedlings are nurtured and cared for as they grow. For them, it is a labour of love.

These ‘babies’ are in good hands; as a specialist nursery, we have the expertise in growing a greater variety of native plant species than conventional nurseries.

Your help is needed to give these seedlings a good start in life.

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The seedlings need to be supported at every stage of their growth so they have the best chance of survival.

How does my donation help?

Your donation can help by funding essential nursery supplies such as sowing trays, tubes, soil and fertiliser, heating mats and thermostats.

It can provide expert training and equipment for our nursery volunteers or fund an expedition to collect cuttings.

Most importantly, it provides life-giving water to the thousands of seedlings in our care.

A donation of $35 can help bring 300 seedlings to Life.

Can you help our nursery grow?


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Top image: New Holland honeyeater (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae) on Christmas Bush (Bursaria spinosa) by Sam Jones.