TFL helps TAFE students in the field

By Shivani Preston

At the beginning of the year I started a Certificate 3 of Conservation at Land Management through Urrbrae TAFE.

The course is very hands-on and involves a lot of field studies. A large component of the course is bush regeneration and revegetation works, learning about how to restore native bushland that has been negatively impacted by introduced plant species and urban development.

This is where Trees For Life comes into play.

During the year I have participated in multiple Bush Action Team (BAT) days, learning various weed treatment methods such as drilling and filling of olive trees and cutting and swabbing of boneseed.

These BAT days have been a great experience as I’ve have seen how they link closely with my studies. Trees For Life staff have expansive knowledge about the bushland and everything contained within it and I have learnt so much from them about our native flora species.

At TAFE I learn the theory but when I go outside with TFL I see for myself what a weed front looks like, I learn how to recognise the various eucalypt and wattle species that so frequently appear in my studies, I see orchid species that I’ve never even heard of.

TFL has enabled me to apply my studies to the real world for a great cause.

BAT days have also provided me with many other rewarding experiences. The work keeps me physically and mentally fit and healthy and gets me out of the house on a day when I’d usually stay indoors.

I have met so many like-minded people who care for the environment and want to make a difference to the world. When I am out in the bush, whether it be planting native seedlings or pulling up weeds, I always feel like I am doing something good for the world and giving back to the wonderful country I have called home for so many years.

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