Securing the Future of Silver Daisy Bush 

Securing the Future of Silver Daisy Bush (Olearia pannosa ssp. pannosa) is a Trees For Life project, funded through the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Recovery Fund, which started in January 2018.

This project partners with 6 NRM Boards, Adelaide University and multiple community groups across South Australia. It addresses the key threats to the Silver Daisy as well as the emerging threat posed by climate change. Over the last few months On-Ground Coordinator Alex Mason and Seedbank Manager Rohan Cleeves have been visiting remnant Olearia pannosa ssp pannosa populations throughout the state to collect seed and leaf samples for genetic analysis.

They have travelled thousands of kilometres from Coulta on Eyre Peninsula, over to Kangaroo Island, up to Quorn in the Southern Flinders and down to Mount Gambier. Nearly 200 leaf samples from 21 separate locations have been collected, as well as over half a kilogram of seed. During each visit they have collected information about the vegetation community, land use, threats, population size and health and reproduction. This will be invaluable information for the next phase of the project.

By June 2019, the project will have:

  • reduced threats to 10 remnant populations across 150 hectares
  • improved the conservation trajectories of 6 populations by supplementary planting
  • conserved seed from 25 populations in the TFL seed bank
  • increased the total population size by planting at least 3,000 plants across 4 natural resource management regions
  • raised the awareness of 10,000 people about Silver Daisy Bush and actively involved 60 community members and/or groups in the conservation of the species.