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  • 1st prize - 64915_001
  • 2nd prize - 68990_001
  • 3rd prize - 67613_001
  • 4th prize - 65737_001
  • 5th prize - 65192_002
  • 6th prize - 67112_003

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Meet ‘Peter’ the Western Pygmy Possum. Peter’s survival is under threat and he needs your help. 

Peter is a small, but proud, South Australian marsupial, weighing only 13 grams, and can fit into the palm of your hand. If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Peter in the bush you’d notice his large round ears and big soulful eyes poking out from behind a shrub or inside a tree hollow.

It’s getting harder for Peter to find things to eat. He struggles to get enough nectar from banksias, eucalypts and bottlebrushes, and his most favourite treat – Eucalyptus rugosa flowers – are becoming more scarce.

Peter’s home is no longer lined with as many leaves and he has to move his family more often to get enough shelter to keep them safe.

The biggest threats to Peter’s survival are habitat degradation, invasive weeds, clearing and altered fire regimes, which thin out the vital native shrubs that provide food and shelter.

But with your help, it’s not too late to save Peter’s home. You can be a Habitat Hero.

Buy your tickets in The Trees For Life Habitat Hero lottery today!

Every $5 ticket will help Trees For Life protect and restore habitat in South Australia and keep a roof over Peter’s head.

You get the chance to save Peter’s home AND win great prizes. First prize is $10,000 cash, with a total prize pool of over $21,000, including a trip to Paris and a Yorke Pensinsula Yondah Beach House Getaway.
See all the great prizes up for grabs here. Terms and conditions can be viewed here

Ticket sales close at 11:59pm 24 May 2019 (unless sold out prior). The draw for all prizes will take place on 31 May at 11am at 5 May Terrace, Brooklyn Park.
License number M13612.