A Piece of Home

Your donation can help us restore and protect our South Australian home.

A piece of home is under threat

Sadly, many native species in the Adelaide Hills have become threatened and endangered. These threats to our native flora and fauna mean this landscape is less resilient and unable to cope with major environmental changes such as climate change and bushfires.

This is WHY it’s so critical we protect and care for our remnant bushland.

Everything that’s needed is already there, just as nature intended. Each element has an important job to do. Losing just one piece of nature’s jigsaw will lead to losing the next and then the next until our ecosystems, that we as humans and all living things depend on, can no longer support life.

Your help is needed

Our work to protect these critical bushland sites helps keep native habitat healthy to continue to provide homes for animals and a functioning ecosystem for pollinators and, importantly, a place for us to re-connect with the earth for our wellbeing.

We need your help so we can continue to protect these precious pieces of South Australia.

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How your donation helps

Your support can provide critical volunteer training through workshops, safety tools and equipment, and transport so our dedicated volunteers can travel to bushland sites. Equipping our staff with monitoring tools to measure the ongoing health of each site is also imperative.

Protecting these precious patches is essential.

The act of bushcare helps give all life the best chance to thrive and flourish by removing threats and restoring balance.

Every gift helps vital pieces of South Australia to thrive

Donate now and help mobilise our team of bushcarers.


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Echidna photo by Neil Edwards.