40 Million Trees & beyond

Your donation can help us restore and protect our South Australian home.

South Australia is the driest state on the driest continent on earth. It has a history of extensive land clearance, resulting in the decline of many of our precious plants, animals and ecosystems.

We face significant challenges ahead. Climate change is creating more extreme weather events, drought and more intensive fires.

Under the weight of these pressures the intricate balance of nature and the rich diversity of our home is under threat.

What can be done?

Since we began we have grown almost 40 Million Trees. That’s 40 Million reasons to hope.

Now, it’s time to go beyond and explore new ways of working in a rapidly changing climate. Securing the future of our home will require us to invest in more research, testing and monitoring.

Your Christmas gift to restore our land makes it a better place for you and your family … and for all who call South Australia home.

Our Mission to protect and restore our home is stronger than ever.

Your help is needed so we can explore new ways of working, adapting our knowledge and experience to build our resilience in the face of these new climate challenges and to support our fellow South Australians to do the same.

Donate now

How does my donation help?

Your donation can help us continue to collect seed while it’s available, grow and plant seedlings to bring the land back to life, and explore ways to protect our threatened ecosystems. Help us reach 40 Million Trees & beyond.

A donation of $35 can help grow 10 trees for habitat.

Please make a gift that’s beyond measure.