Paddock Tree Project

This project is establishing the next generation of paddock trees, helping to conserve a suite of rapidly declining woodland birds by providing critical habitat in the northern and eastern Mount Lofty Ranges.

Why the need for scattered paddock trees?

Woodland bird species have declined significantly in the past 10 years, with some already having disappeared from parts of the Adelaide Hills. This coincides with the decline of paddock trees – due to poor health and old age – which are critical to the health of Australian farming landscapes.

Core populations of these rapidly declining woodland birds are still found in the lower rainfall (450-600mm annual average), lightly-timbered agricultural landscapes of the northern and eastern Mount Lofty Ranges. We are aiming to halt and reverse the decline of birds that rely on scattered trees in this landscape, such as the Diamond firetail, Brown treecreeper, Red-rumped parrot, Thornbills and Robins, by working with landholders to establish the next generation of eucalypts, sheoaks, acacias and native pines.

We undertake the planting and guarding of the trees at no cost to the landholder, but we ask that they commit to caring for them in to the future. Not only are these trees providing critical habitat, they also provide shade and shelter for stock, improve soil condition and invertebrate diversity, and are a visually iconic feature of the farming landscape. Planting design and layout on each property is informed by field surveys and mapping, and negotiated with the landholder. Read more about the project here

The project is a collaboration with the Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board that began in 2016 with funding from the Australian Government.

How to get involved

Phase 5 of the Paddock Tree Project is now underway thanks to our partners at the AMLR NRMB, and we are focusing on maintaining the trees we have planted during the first 4 phases. We are also excited to be pursuing partnerships with other organisations to continue and expand the project in the future.  While we won't be planting on any new properties in 2019, we would still like to receive registrations of interest from landholders within our existing project areas so we can follow-up if/when we are successful in securing funding beyond 2019. See Google map here

If you are thinking of registering interest please read more here then complete and return a registration of interest form.

Contact The Paddock Tree Project team for more information on 08 8406 0500 or email.