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Hey Kids, visit our Kids Branch page, we'd love to hear from you about your experiences in your garden, at school or in the bush. Drawings, stories and ideas area always welcome. :-)

Please visit our Member Classifieds page which includes rural and bush real estate, items for sale or for giveaway & more.

About Us

Trees For Life is a not for profit community based organisation working with everyday people to help restore our natural environment through revegetation and conservation. We raise funds to help protect wildlife habitat and work to re-establish biodiverse plantings on private land. You can financially support Trees For Life by joining 8,000 other members and becoming an ambassador (through membership or donations) of the work that our 3,000+ volunteers do to protect our environment. If you're more hands-on, become an active volunteer to grow seedlings, collect seeds, or conserve bushland in your favourite area. We also have business programs to offset carbon, and have team working days that contribute to your corporate social responsibility goals.


Gift Of Trees

Give your dad a uniquely South Australian gift on Fathers Day. A personalised gift that also keeps giving back to the environment with a Gift of Trees.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Our calculator allows you to determine how much carbon is emitted as a result of your travel, waste or energy uses.

Trees For Life provides Carbon plantings in South Australia that help to re-green the landscape. Calculate your emissions now

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